Mienmiuaif is the way a child might transcribe “me and my wife” – il duo con l’anello in America!!!

In America l’hanno capito come ci chiamiamo!!!

Condividiamo il miracolo con il link all’articolo che il prestigioso sito internazionale Aleteia.org ci ha dedicato nelle sue pagine in inglese!

Di seguito un breve estratto del pezzo.


As a musical group, the team’s songs explore the daily life of a married couple living in an increasingly secular and post-modern world. Mienmiuaif take their faith seriously and communicate the wonder and value of marriage through their music.

In an interview with Martina Bottaro, the couple spoke about their relationship with God, and where it fits into their music:

God and faith in your songs. What relationship do you have with Him? “Who do you think I am?”

“In our songs God and faith are present spontaneously. We talk about why they are part of our lives, they are essential. Sometimes there are more direct references, sometimes less. It is not that we should name God, but [are not] afraid to enter the subject. Jesus, Mary and the Saints are taboo subjects: if one speaks of a deity, of an energy, it is more acceptable.

But we do not believe in a vague being, in a “god spray,” as Pope Francis once called it. We believe in the God of the Gospel because it is He who has saved us, who has changed our lives in a difficult time, little more than five years ago.

The encounter with Christ has determined our story, our marriage, is something which can not be out of the way we express ourselves, even at the musical level”.



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